Success Stories - We should dream

Entrepreneur Musarrat Business Embelished Garments
Age: 37 years Monthly Sales: 100,000
Marital Status: Married Employees/Labor: 20 families
Dependents: 05 Location of Business: Home-based
Resident of: Street 04, Ghulam Bhatti Years of Association: 04
Colony, Data Town, Chungi with Asasah
Amar Sidhu, Lahore

Document date: 2010

She has been engaged with this business for 15 years. Both wife and husband are engaged in same business. Husband looks after the supply and selling departments while she deals with producers. The key to her success is better coordination between the couple who share their vision for growth of their business. They have been managing home and business simultaneously with high level of understanding. All money that they borrowed from outside, is invested in business. Comparatively better wages and good treatment with their producers is a key to their successful business operations.

Both couple and one of her son are skilled. When she started work, she faced a lot of problems regarding design and production. Most of her designed were rejected by the market vendors, but with keen observation and learning from media and fashion magazines, she used to develop improved designs that were in demand. However, monitoring the producers (Home-based piece rate workers) was a major issue. She faced problems like loss of raw material, loss of cloth and late delivery. But she managed these issues by developing understanding level and relationship with producers through giving them advances and cordial behavior. In the beginning when her products were rejected by the market buyers, she used to gift rejected items to her producers. This act helped in developing better relationships with the producers. Now at least 20 families work for her and in each family 3-4 family members are engaged in production.

She has got renovated her house, all her children go to school. She has brought all necessary household assets ranging from television to motorcycle.

She is of the view that we should dream, keeping our strengths and weaknesses in mind. She aspires to setup a factory (Karkhana), so that all labor could work under-one-roof. She has been supplying different vendors in the major markets of Lahore, and she would like to continue this practice, however she has plans to open up a boutique in addition to existing selling method. This will help her getting her work recognized directly in the market.