Success Stories - Providing Employment to Women

Entrepreneur Nargis Business Warm Baby Garments
Age: 35 Monthly Sales: 200,000
Marital Status: Married Employees/Labor: 10
Dependents: 06 Location of Business: Home-based
Resident of: House # 23, Street 06, Mohallah Muslimabad, Years of Association: 04
Razaq Colony, Tajpura, Lahore with Asasah

Document date: 2010

She is producing warm baby garments made of used imported jersey (used clothes). She has been doing this business since many years. Long ago, her husband was a local van driver on daily wages, due to change in public transport policy, he got unemployed. At that time, she started as stitching worker on piece-rate with a woman in neighborhood. She got only Rs 10 for stitching one dozen garments. Since weak livelihood of her family, she took interest in this business and learnt production of garments cutting to stitching in only three months. Her employer helped her in getting her first order. She borrowed Rs 10,000 from Asasah and furnished the order successfully.

In the beginning, so many times she brought her products to the market but vendors rejected the produce because quality of the products didn’t match to their demand. But she never gave in, with her husband she took all rejected bulk to Sunday Bazars and sold it on relatively low profit margins and never suffered losses. Slowly and steadily, she learnt to produce according to the specifications of the vendors.

Now, she has contacts with suppliers in Landa Bazar (a market of used imported items especially garments) who provide used garments (jerseys) in bulk; she cuts the cloth in the evening according to the design and size requirement; in the morning, distributes the material for stitching workers to their homes, collects the finished goods, packs that and finally her husband supplies it to the vendors in the market. She produces round the year. She knows that she has two strengths; determination and hard work.

She attributes her success to her devotion towards business. She never spent a loan either from Asasah or other sources except investing on her business. So much so, she used to amass leftovers (trash cloth pieces) and sell it where it is utilized as a raw material. This amount is spent on paying a huge portion of labor cost. She is a regular saver, and tries to save as much as she can. Contentment is a major key to all her success. She was never attracted by exhibitionism, and kept concentrating on achievement of her goals.

When she started her business they were residing in a rented house, now her family is living in an owned two marla house. Now she has all household items ranging from refrigerator to kitchen accessories. She has also bought a buffalo for feeding dairy products to her children, but she also sells some milk that compensates cost of feeding the buffalo. She also bought a loader van for her husband, who does loading and unloading work in the market, besides she uses her loader van for bringing raw-material and supply finished goods too. Her both daughters go school.

People around her consider it as a dirty business because she uses used garments for producing new one. But this is her livelihood and she is proud of it, since she is a source of regular income for around 10 families in neighborhood, who do stitching work for her. When her family was poor, even relatives were reluctant in social interaction, now they came to see her and even borrow money from her.

She has a vision to engage as many as women in her neighborhood who are not allowed to be engaged in income generating activities outside four walls of their houses. Therefore, she has kept on expanding volume of sales by re-investing in her business regularly. She has a plan to build upper storey of her house to lend it. The rent will be a regular source of investment in her business.