Success Stories - All owns one

Entrepreneur Haleema Bibi Business Embellished Bridal Dresses
Age: 60 Monthly Sales: 400,000
Marital Status: Married Employees/Labor: 25 families
Dependents: 01 Location of Business: Home-based
Resident of: Sheikh Bhago Road, Basti Years of Association: 05
Vaneca, Kasur with Asasah

Document date: 2010

This is a family business, before starting this business all family was engaged in ‘dor’ making (strings for kite flying). When authorities imposed ban on kite flying, she along with her two sons got engaged with a family (as piece rate workers) who was producing embellished bridal dresses (Selma Sitara). Here they learnt the skill.
Then she decided to start her own business with the help of her two sons, but they needed investment. The family then contacted Asasah for initial investment and started its own business.
In the beginning, when the family started expanding its business by engaging home-based workers; low quality and delay by the workers gave severe blow to the business. But since all family members were engaged in same business, they managed quality and on time delivery. Since then they started training of every worker at their place before delegating work to them. Purchase of quality raw material and paying remunerations to the workforce in advance are two major problems that they faced in the

beginning of their business.

The family managed these problems by taking advances from the buyers, loan from Asasah and by saving money.

Eight adult family members of this family are engaged in production, however at this point in time 30 families have been engaged in production as producers. All families work at their houses and in each family around four persons are engaged, thus around 120 men and women have been benefiting from her business. Moreover, this business has continuously imparting skills to its entire workforce as a regular feature.

When she started her business her family was residing in a rented house. Then they purchased a one kanal plot and built 4 rooms. Since then she has got married three of her sons, bought refrigerator, television and other household items for her family, and bought a motorcycle for purchasing of supplies and delivery of finished products. Now, her next generation (children of sons) are going to schools as well.

Since all her family members are engaged in this business, and shared common goal of better living standard, therefore she attributes her success to the unity among the family members. Now she has plans to set up another lucrative business of stitching laces on cloth by purchasing two professional stitching machines. Existing business will be run by one of her son while other will handle new business.