Success Stories - A Role model

Entrepreneur Shama Raiz Business Beauty Parlor
Age: 35 Monthly Sales: 150,000
Marital Status: Married Employees/Labor: 40
Dependents: 03 Location of Business: Shop 22, Baig Ali Road
      Lahore Cantonment
Resident of: House No. 36, Street 02, Years of Association: 05
  40-Quarters, RA Bazar,  Lahore with Asasah  
Document date: 2010    


She had been providing beautician services to the customers at their doorsteps since 17 years. Since then she had been aspiring to establish a beauty parlor in posh neighborhood of Lahore. During all this period she has faced a lot of uneven phases in her life; however she kept her determination intact. Since setup of her aspired business demanded heavy investment, therefore the only challenge she faced during last five years was amount for investment. To overcome this issue, she saved penny by penny along with supporting her family. On the other hand, she used to lend money on huge interest to a shopkeeper, the loan amount borrowed by Asasah. This act was to build up the money for future investments. And then finally, a matching portion of investment came in when she convinced her brother in law for partnership. In, 2008 she managed to open a beauty parlor in Lahore cantonment.  

Her determination and commitment, passion, perseverance and hard work were key factors that made her relatives realized her potential. She claimed that she never spent even a single penny of loan except investing for business.

A remarkable change can be seen in her lifestyle since the establishment of her beauty parlor. Food and clothing of her children got improved. Now her children are studying in comparatively better schools. She has started saving to build her own home.

She belongs to Christian faith, observing her determination and faith in her skills, people in her community citing her as a model for new generation. She has her sister as a partner along with 4 permanent employees, and one intern. On her advice one couple has established their beauty parlor in their community, while another couple is in the planning phase.

In a very short time, due to her skills and quality services, she has beaten a 25 year old parlor that is situated near hers. Partnering with sister and brother in law, she managed to establish her business with only Rs. 200,000. Half of this amount was paid for mortgaging the shop. Furniture in waiting area has been brought from her home. In near future she has plans to expand her existing premises by taking adjoining shop on rent, and she demands large size of loan from Asasah. However she has vision of opening up chain of service outlets in the city.